WHO or WHAT is BAM!?

BAM! was started in 2015 by Adam MacArthur. Adam was a major fan of all things pop culture, including movies, video games, and comic books.

As a fan Adam knew that one of the best parts about loving the things others think are “not important” was that it brought him and his friends together.

So he wanted to make a way to keep that conversation, that bond, going for as many people as possible.

In short, he wanted to figure out a way that we wouldn’t have to “Grow UP”. At least not UP and out of enjoying one of his favorite parts of life!

Therefore BAM! Box was born!

Over the past 4 years BAM! has grown considerably, and we now are growing our boxes but also looking to grow, to always have a voice in the “discussion” of pop culture. For us AND for our community!

Just recently, in July 2019, Paul joined the team. He shares the same passion for the “nerdy” things in life. A comic collector, published film critic AND avid gamer, Paul hopes to help Adam take BAM! to even greater levels.

Together, they are excited for the direction of BAM!. To continue making the box better every single month along with expanding the scope and direction of what BAM! could be.

Our desire is to make BAM! the best possible place for all things “nerd”, so that it doesn’t have to go away for any of us.

Because Adam and Paul aren’t the only parts of BAM!. It includes our entire community.

All of us, together, are BAM!.