A New Era

In case you missed The EVENT this past Thursday, Sept 19th, you can check out the replay here:

Or hit up the replay on our Facebook page!

Those that were able to tune in got to see a number of MAJOR announcements we had been waiting to release.

Those announcements included:

  1. We’re moving to Austin! This is to help us with shipping and partnering in the future with those who can help us take our boxes to another level.
  2. BAM! Boxes (Pop Culture and Horror) are now CAPPED at 2500 each!
  3. Every other MONTH there will be a BAM! BIG BOX which will vary in size, price, and availability. It will be filled with MORE items, BETTER autographs, and MORE!
  4. A BAM! subscription is now MORE than just getting a box. It’s an entry into an exclusive CLUB that gets you discounts on merch, behind-the-scenes access to the company, access to our exclusive community, and MORE to come!
  5. We have launched a NEW company and box called The Drop! The DROP will be available beginning in November and will be an exclusive subscription box filled with wearable merch, toys and other collectibles, and FOOD from around the world!

We are so incredibly excited about this new direction of our company!

Now you might be wondering…


Why would you change everything? We loved BAM! the way it was!”

And we totally get that.

But the truth is, we definitely had areas to improve in.

So we asked ourselves…

What are we good at? And how can we do BETTER?

The best part of BAM! is the community. Yes, it’s built around a box filled with collectibles and autographs…

So we wanted to make that even more exclusive. We wanted to make it even MORE special to be a part of BAM!

By capping the boxes, we believe that we have accomplished that. This makes your boxes more valuable IMMEDIATELY. It also enables us to better plan out future boxes, have more control over our shipping, and not run into the problems of falling behind.

By moving to Austin, we are putting BAM! in a position to have access to all the benefits of a major city. But not just any city, a city that is one of the centers for TECH and ENTERTAINMENT. A perfect place for us to be!

With the Big Box, we now are able to regularly offer a HIGHER end product for those that have been clamoring for it! In other words, we heard you! We are excited about what we can do with this Big Box going forward.

Also, as a BAMMER, we are figuring out more and more ways to reward those of you who subscribe to us, WITHOUT increasing the price of anything! This is our way of saying “Thank you!” to our subscribers, while also strengthening the community that is BAM!

Finally, by launching the DROP we hope to provide more fun to all of those who will have it. While the BAM! Box will continue to be more exclusive and geared to collectors, the Drop will offer the opportunity to those who want more of a monthly EXPERIENCE to be part of our community too.

We know there’s going to be a lot of questions going forward and a plenty of other unexpected things that happen from change, but we know this is the best road to take for BAM!

So bear with us as we start this new journey! We are working hard to give you all the best experience possible…

and we’re so thankful for all of you, our favorite people!

Good things are coming!

Be sure to check out the NEW BAM! Box website at www.thebambox.com,

And you can pre-order the Drop NOW at www.scorethedrop.com