How We Get An Autograph in Every Box

Ever wonder how we get an autograph in every box?

Well, the truth is that being the ORIGINAL mystery box with a guaranteed autograph in EVERY box is not easy! 

But it’s the dream of Adam and the rest of the BAM! Team that people get real collectibles at an affordable price.

Once we were kids and were in awe of all the items out there that had real creators (actors, actresses, directors, artists, etc…) attached to them through the special imprint of one’s real signature. 

Except that we were stuck. Because who could afford those?

So many memories…

The truth is, there’s something special about the movies, books, comics, shows, and other things we love being singularly attached to those responsible for making them. 

The other truth is that it can be extremely costly to collect signed items, especially for younger people, kids, and those who have fallen on hard times. 

This is why we have fought hard to keep BAM! Boxes at the lowest price point we can (without going out of business that is!) while still delivering incredible value. 

Every month, no matter what, YOU will receive an autographed item– be it a FUNKO POP!, photograph, or replica film prop– along with all the other exclusive BAM! Collector’s items we can get into each box. 

It’s all fun! But the autograph is the cream of the crop…

And in order to get it, we have to do a lot of planning!

Celebrities, even those that aren’t A-listers, are busy people. They are often going from one project to another, touring events, or engaged with the press. 

OK KEANU, but just for you…

This means that we first have to find someone AVAILABLE to do a signing. 

(And believe me, that’s harder than you’d think)

Next, we have to HOPE that our scheduled signing isn’t re-scheduled or canceled because… well… people get callbacks, reshoots, extended shoots… you name it! 

All sorts of things come up, and, unfortunately, that often means that our signing date gets pushed back. 

Next, after the thousands of items have been signed, they now have to be re-packaged and sent back to BAM! This can take some time. 

FINALLY, we work to get it all together and sent out to you! 

That’s the best part, and the part that brings us great joy, being able to put this all together for YOU. 

So the next time your box might be a little late, just know we’re working hard to get to you the best box possible. 

The kind of box containing the stuff we have always loved and wanted to collect.

Which, of course, isn’t complete without the autograph


Speaking of which, we’ve got two great boxes lined up for this coming month, and they’re going fast! Be sure to grab yours now by clicking right HERE. 

P.S. If you’ve ever wondered why not every box has Robert Downey Jr., Ryan Reynolds or Gal Gadot as our exclusive autograph, just remember that our passion is to keep your monthly box affordable!

A-listers often command an exorbitant sum of money to do a signing, which alone could double or triple the prices of our boxes.

Not only that, they rarely are willing to sign more than a couple hundred items at a time (not the literally
thousands we ask for to get to you!). 

Therefore we are always looking to get up-and-coming talent or very specific, unique talents to do our signings, so that the value of your collectible will be affordable now but worth more as the years go by. 

If you have other questions or comments about your BAM! Box and how we do our autographs, let us know!