Skipping the Preview: A Personal Experiment

As most people do, I normally will watch a trailer to a movie or tv show to see if it piques my interest. Sometimes the trailer makes it out to be better then what the show actually is. I also try to remember, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

I try to watch the trailers to TV shows and about 75% of the trailers I watch are a “NOPE, next!”


This got me thinking. Am I missing out on some good content because I base whether or not I like it within the 30-60 seconds? So I put it to the test and did not watch the trailer for this tv show. 

So I hopped on Netflix and scrolled and clicked on a random title called Locke & Key.

Does it help to watch trailers? We shall see. 

Ok, the opening was good, although it started out kinda slow. My thoughts were, “great this is going to be a long 55 minutes.”  Just as that thought left the opening went a little darker. When I say darker I’m not talking about flipping a light switch and the room is dark. I’m talking about it started looking like it might be a horror-related tv show. The once plain, cute little titles are now dark and bold! 

I won’t give too much away just in case you choose to watch this show. What happened next grabbed my attention. I now was curious to see how this played out. I’m 3:25 into the 1st episode and I think this just may be interesting enough for me to keep watching. From a kinda boring opening to a quick turnaround within the first 2 minutes of the show, the odds looked good. 

Loving the dark vibes…

After 11 minutes into the show, I’m very intrigued. To be very brief, it seemed like a family of 4 moved maybe from the city to a small town. Slow, but there was a part that gave me a sense that this family may be special. When they got to their destination and went into an ice cream shop, the mom went to pay and handed the young man her card. He paused as he read her name and handed her card back saying, “it’s on the house.” 

Now my first thought was, ok it’s maybe it’s a small town and they know everything about everyone and maybe there were rumors about the family or a secret which made the young man act the way he did? 

Wow! I just finished watching the 1st episode. So I definitely have questions and I already have some theories about this show. The question is, will I continue to watch it?



The episode ended and I was not ready for it to end. Don’t worry I won’t spoil it.

So what’s Locke and Key about? Basically, 3 siblings who move after the tragic death of their father. They move back to his home town and move into the house where he grew up. This house has much more to it then one would think. 

Shout out to Jackson Robert Scott who plays Bode the younger brother. This is the first role I have seen from him after the 2019 remake of IT! I’m not going to lie, there were a few moments that took me back to a scene in the IT movie. 

(I also loved the short golden girls reference!)

So back to the original question… if I watched the trailer for this show, would it make me feel the need to want to watch it? Does the trailer give off any kind of clues to what the show is about or does it just grab your attention and make you think you would enjoy this? 

Let’s just say it’s inconclusive

I’ve gone back and watched the trailer, and it gives more details than I would have thought. If I watched this trailer before I saw the first episode, I definitely would have watched it. The weird thing is, while I was watching the episode I was not sure if I could get into the show, but then something would happen and pull me back in. 

This time, after seeing the trailer, I’m even MORE excited to continue watching. 

Turns out this experiment proved that at least the trailer for Locke and Key was right on. 

Which also means, I’m back to where I started. 


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