A New Era

In case you missed The EVENT this past Thursday, Sept 19th, you can check out the replay here:

Or hit up the replay on our Facebook page!

Those that were able to tune in got to see a number of MAJOR announcements we had been waiting to release.

Those announcements included:

  1. We’re moving to Austin! This is to help us with shipping and partnering in the future with those who can help us take our boxes to another level.
  2. BAM! Boxes (Pop Culture and Horror) are now CAPPED at 2500 each!
  3. Every other MONTH there will be a BAM! BIG BOX which will vary in size, price, and availability. It will be filled with MORE items, BETTER autographs, and MORE!
  4. A BAM! subscription is now MORE than just getting a box. It’s an entry into an exclusive CLUB that gets you discounts on merch, behind-the-scenes access to the company, access to our exclusive community, and MORE to come!
  5. We have launched a NEW company and box called The Drop! The DROP will be available beginning in November and will be an exclusive subscription box filled with wearable merch, toys and other collectibles, and FOOD from around the world!

We are so incredibly excited about this new direction of our company!

Now you might be wondering…


Why would you change everything? We loved BAM! the way it was!”

And we totally get that.

But the truth is, we definitely had areas to improve in.

So we asked ourselves…

What are we good at? And how can we do BETTER?

The best part of BAM! is the community. Yes, it’s built around a box filled with collectibles and autographs…

So we wanted to make that even more exclusive. We wanted to make it even MORE special to be a part of BAM!

By capping the boxes, we believe that we have accomplished that. This makes your boxes more valuable IMMEDIATELY. It also enables us to better plan out future boxes, have more control over our shipping, and not run into the problems of falling behind.

By moving to Austin, we are putting BAM! in a position to have access to all the benefits of a major city. But not just any city, a city that is one of the centers for TECH and ENTERTAINMENT. A perfect place for us to be!

With the Big Box, we now are able to regularly offer a HIGHER end product for those that have been clamoring for it! In other words, we heard you! We are excited about what we can do with this Big Box going forward.

Also, as a BAMMER, we are figuring out more and more ways to reward those of you who subscribe to us, WITHOUT increasing the price of anything! This is our way of saying “Thank you!” to our subscribers, while also strengthening the community that is BAM!

Finally, by launching the DROP we hope to provide more fun to all of those who will have it. While the BAM! Box will continue to be more exclusive and geared to collectors, the Drop will offer the opportunity to those who want more of a monthly EXPERIENCE to be part of our community too.

We know there’s going to be a lot of questions going forward and a plenty of other unexpected things that happen from change, but we know this is the best road to take for BAM!

So bear with us as we start this new journey! We are working hard to give you all the best experience possible…

and we’re so thankful for all of you, our favorite people!

Good things are coming!

Be sure to check out the NEW BAM! Box website at www.thebambox.com,

And you can pre-order the Drop NOW at www.scorethedrop.com

Celebrating Sly Stallone: The Conclusive Top 5 List

Here we go again:

That’s right! Rambo is BACK!


(Not going to lie, I choked up a little popcorn when I saw that title spring up in the theater… Here’s to originality!)

Few things get us more excited than another big ticket Stallone movie. We’re 80s babies, so that should surprise no one.

And with RAMBO being one of our August PC Box franchises, we just couldn’t resist ourselves…

So after much deliberation, we came up with the ULTIMATE, indisputable, heavyweight champion LIST to end all lists!


Few deserve it more. He made a movie about arm-wrestling!


The 80s, when men were men

Of course, before we get started, we had to establish a few rules.

RULE #1: There can’t be more than one film from a franchise. Which means that Rambo, Rocky, and the Expendables can, by law, have up to only ONE entry per series as their representation.

I know… seems harsh. But just like Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago were never in the same movie together, they won’t share the list either. We can’t have anarchy people!!!

RULE #2: The list can ONLY include movies where Stallone is the STAR.

Yes, this means that two of his greatest performances– Creed and Spy Kids 3 (just kidding)– will be nowhere near this list.

This isn’t about performances though! It’s about a butt-kicking, bad guy demolishing, ‘roid raging (allegedly), half-face frozen B-A-M-F who has rocked our socks off with blood-boiling action and underdog winning films for more than 40 years!!!


RULE #3: It has to be iconic. None of this sissy, trying to win an Oscar BS or trying to be “funny take on action star” nonsense. These are STALLONE movies. So Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot just got tossed.

Ok enough! Let’s get started:

#5: Cliffhanger

Nothing like hangin around half naked in the Alps…

Stallone fighting a demented John Lithgow in the highest places on earth? Leaping from mountain to mountain?

And all from the proven director of Die Hard 2 (err…), Cutthroat Island (Um…), Deep Blue Sea (oh God…), and Driven (*vomits)?!?

Ok… ignore that part.


Seriously though, Cliffhanger rocks. Just a great action movie with one of the best action film premises ever thought of.

Stallone does it better than Cruise (MI:2), Brad Pitt (7 Years in Tibet), and *achem*… Chris O’Donnell (Vertical Limit).


But if you needed more, watch this:

Helicopters on cliffs before Fallout made it cool again

#4: Demolition Man

Ladies… you’re welcome

Stallone. Snipes. Bullock. Benjamin Bratt. Denis Leary.

It’s like a mid-90s dream team! You know, before Snipes started evading the IRS!

There’s not too much to say here. Just a great sci-fi action vehicle with two of the biggest stars of the 90s going head-to-head and Sandra Bullock as the new girl on the scene who you know is about to be a major star (thanks to Speed!).

Oh yeah, and there’s a sex scene that’s not a sex scene…

VR still sucks in the future…

There’s seashells instead of TP…

Can you blame him?

And Wesley Snipes.. as a blonde!

“Mr. Snipes, did you withhold millions of tax dollars?”

#3 CopLand

Alright, so far we’ve had some fun, but Copland is LEGIT. A crime thriller about cop politics in a small town is absolutely riveting, plus Stallone puts up arguably his best performance EVER against Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel and Ray Liotta.

One of the best crooked cop movies ever along with LA Confidential, The Departed, and Training Day, it’s a great watch from beginning to end.

Plus… Stallone got FAT. How much do you think he believed in this movie!?!? The dude is in his 70s and still is cut!

Of course, along with an awesome performance, Annabelle Sciorra stealing hearts, there’s still STALLONE ACTION.

Even tubby Stallone rips it up…

#2: First Blood

Hey, that’s how I cut watermelon too!


You knew it had to happen eventually, and here it is. The ORIGINAL. First Blood still holds up nearly 40 years later.

We love First Blood because, unlike the other Rambo films, it’s got a legitimately great story and villain in Brian Dennehy (who knew Tommy Boy’s dad could be so MEAN?!).

There’s craziness. Action in the woods. Booby-traps. Explosions. Knife fights. What else could you possibly ask for?

First Blood gets extra points from being another original franchise from the mind of Stallone himself. The dude wrote the screenplay!

And he still does Stallone things too…


The rest is history. First Blood went on to launch one of the greatest action franchises of all time, with FOUR sequels.

That’s right, before there was Marvel, there was Stallone. Which brings us to…

#1: Rocky III

Look at those puppy dog, killer eyes…

SURPRISE! It would have been so easy to choose the original Rocky, but the truth is, it’s not the best one!

We love all the Rocky movies (pretending V doesn’t exist, that is…), but III is where it all comes together.

Rocky has peaked and then gone soft. He’s loving all the money and fame while a hungry Clubber Lang (MR. T as nasty as ever!) plots to destroy him.

We see Rocky lose and have to find himself again. We get the death of Mickey, the budding friendship with Apollo, and, of course… THUNDERLIPS!!!!

Hulk Hogan! Rocky! Weren’t the 80s amazing!!!???

It’s the Rocky movie where all the entertainment and great storytelling collide, which makes it the best.

And being the best Rocky* means it’s also the best of all Stallone movies. Because when all is said and done, and we all cry for weeks when Stallone finally leaves this world, it’s going to be Rocky he’ll be remembered for the most.

Sly, thanks for 40 years of awesomeness. And even if LAST BLOOD sucks, we won’t care. Because it’s you.

*I never would have forgiven myself if I wrote this without also including my thoughts on Rocky IV. Because, while Rocky III is the BEST Rocky, number IV is my FAVORITE.

I mean, what’s better than U.S. vs. Russia in the Cold War, through BOXING!? We get the death of Apollo PLUS the greatest training montage OF ALL TIME.

I just got a 6-pack by watching this scene again

Drago is the greatest Rocky villain by at least a quarter-mile, and the final fight STILL is the best Rocky fight.


Then, to cap it all off, ROCKY ENDS THE COLD WAR with the greatest sports movie speech EVER.


ROCKY IV, you have my heart! The greatest Stallone movie, #1B.

More Than a Box… The Stories of BAM! (Part 3)

It’s week 3 of our More Than a Box ongoing series, and this week we’re sharing the story of Jeremiah and his experience with BAM!.

Nothing brings us more joy than to see the community that has built up around the BAM! Box, and to see how you all are able to impact one another’s lives.

It’s truly awe-inspiring!

So, without further ado, here’s what Jeremiah wrote in to share!

I’m constantly waging a war with depression since I lost my mother to cancer back in 2012.

It was a month before my wife and I were meant to get married, and it was devastating.

I went through a lot of different phases, but my love for Pop Culture stood strong amongst them all. Mentally it helped me cope, find ways not to look at life as something half empty, but most importantly see how wonderful life is with my wife who I loved dearly.

BAM! came into my life in the form of a gift from my wife as I was dealing with heavy blows of depression.

Collecting autographs and getting everything in the boxes helps me fight it daily. Interacting with the community and the friends I’ve gained there has really helped in words I can’t even describe.

BAM! has really changed my life and my outlook on life has grown even more positive.

Thank you BAM! For not only helping me in such a positive way, but bringing some amazing people into my life!

– Jeremiah B.

Thank you Jeremiah for sharing, and for showing us once again that it’s always about people!

If you have a story regarding the community of BAM! and how it has impacted you, we’d love to know!

You can write them to paul@thebambox.com.

Nerds or Geeks? Settling the Great Debate

Now that nerds (or is it the geeks?) have “won” in popular culture, with superheroes, video games, and tech dominating the world, we figured it’s time to really settle down and determine something incredibly important (but not really):

What makes a NERD, and what makes a GEEK? And which one really won?

Not quite accurate… BUT…

In a world where the geeks (or is it the nerds?) reign supreme, we want to first acknowledge that…

If you’re under 30 you probably won’t get much of this at all.

You see, my younger friends, there once was a time when reading comics, talking about superheroes, speculating about upcoming movies or shows, and playing video games meant there was a good chance you were going to get teased, bullied, or looked down upon.


It’s true! All the things that nearly every Tom, Sue, and Joe Bob are now regularly doing used to be considered “weird” or “silly”.

I’m 35 now, and as long as I can remember my favorite hobbies were watching movies, read comics (especially Marvel), collect memorabilia, play video games, and deep dive into the lore of everything I loved (especially Star Wars, X-Men, and Lord of the Rings).

In school, this made me completely… not cool.

In fact, the only thing keeping me from being completely ignored by most of the school (or mocked) was that I also just happened to love sports, and grew to be pretty good at them.

So I existed in this weird in-between world. One day I’d be at the jock table, the next day with the “geeks” (or, “nerds”).

But I witnessed the difference. Other than me, there were no others “crossing the streams.”

The truth is, there are still sometimes when I take a step back, and I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone.

The geeks and nerds have taken over.

Obviously, at BAM! we love this.

So we decided to put this out so we all could decide…

Which one am I?

You said it Austin


The word “nerd” was barely used until the 1980s. Until…

Wanna guess?

The Personal Computer (PC) was introduced!

It’s no coincidence, the rise of the use of “nerd” directly coincides with the growth of digital technology.

Originally, the title of “nerd” was applied to people who were singularly focused on growing intellectually and achieving mastery of intellectual achievements.

More often than not that leads to the “nerd” being socially awkward while also being superior in their field.

Because of this, they are also usually obsessive in their other hobbies or interests. But those interests are usually not very broad.

Nerds tend to be attracted toward science fiction and fantasy for their entertainment. They LOVE deep lore because the more information means more understanding (think Lord of the Rings and Star Trek).

They also love games that are intellectually stimulating (chess, not checkers).

Actually these days… you probably do!


Like its cousin, “nerd”, the title “geek” also started really being used in the 1980s.

Before that, the word “geek” was mostly ascribed to carnival wild men who bit the heads off of live chickens and snakes.

(Note: This means that Ozzy Osbourne is NOT a geek, since he usually bit the heads off of bats)

So how did it become mixed up with the word “nerd”?! Seems like quite the stretch!

The word “geek”, it turns out, has always been descriptive of someone with an extreme interest.

And that’s why it’s so easy to mix them up with the “nerds.”

Since both nerds and geeks are passionate about niche areas which often overlap, they can seem to be the same!

BUT, while nerds are all about the mastery and the understanding, geeks are about the experience.

For geeks, it’s about the lifestyle. They have their passions, but they always want the NEW aspect of that passion.

Geeks are early adopters, they like to keep trying things. But they are also very opinionated about what they like. Geeks tend to what feels right, whereas nerds will pursue the knowledge to make sure.

Geeks are collecting oriented, even of facts and items, because of what it means for their preferred lifestyle (versus mastery for nerds).

Which one sounds like you?


Ok, I feel very nerdy right now having written all that. Let’s get back to the fun part…

So, figured out which one you are yet?

I’ll admit, for years I believed I was a nerd. All the things I loved seemed to point in that direction.


I’m a collector. I collect memories and experiences. When it comes to clothing, style, and even technology, I find what FEELS the best and then I stick with it. Once I’ve dug in, it’s REALLY hard to convince me otherwise.

I want to beat all the games I play to fully experience them. But when I’m done, I’m on to the next one. I rarely take the time to master them.

I was a film critic because I liked watching MANY movies. I’ve seen well over 10,000 in my life. I have my favorites I’ve watched 30-50 times each, but more often than not I want the new.

After all this I’ve realized…

I’m a GEEK.

It really doesn’t change anything. Doesn’t mean that much. But it was fun to figure that out.

And that’s why I wrote this for you too.

So, BAMMER, now that you know that geeks and nerds are NOT the same thing…

Which one are you?

(And if you’re like, “NEITHER!”, I want to believe you… I really do… but you’re reading the BAM! blog so…

Darn straight I used two Austin Powers graphics in one blog… WHAT?!

Embrace it, and let us know what you are in the community!

Because whichever one you are, one thing is clear…

We BOTH won.

More than a Box (Part 2)

Our favorite part of BAM! is the community that has formed around it.

Even better, that community has become a place of acceptance and hope for some that really needed some belonging.

In other words, YOU, the BAM! community, have helped to change lives!

So we asked for the testimonies of those who have been impacted, and the response was amazing!

Today we share another one of those testimonies. This time from Carrie S.

Here’s her story:

When I first started getting into sub boxes I did not know about BAM!. I just got a box ( won’t name) in the mail every month and that was it.

I was a person who didn’t go out much due to anxiety and having PTSD. I would never know when I would get a flash back, etc…

One day I stumbled upon a group on Facebook, though it’s been so long ago I can’t remember the name.

There I met a few people who totally took me under their wing. We became friends and I was introduced to The BAM! Box.

From that moment my life changed.

I was now part of a great group of friends and meeting new people every day.

The BAM! box was a whole new experience than other sub boxes. My love of collecting grew and the thrill of a trade was awesome!!

And I can’t thank The BAM! Box enough for that!

Yes, I still have my moments, but when I had the opportunity to help out BAM! I slowly started opening up more and more each day.

I have interacted with more people than I have ever before.

It’s more than just a subscription box or a trading group. To me BAM! is family!

Shoutout to all of the members and support people! You truly rock and thank you for letting me be apart of something amazing!

-Carrie S.

Carrie thank you so much for sharing! We are so thrilled to have you as part of our BAM! community.

If you’d also like to share your story, let us know!

Because together, WE are BAM!.

How We Get An Autograph in Every Box

Ever wonder how we get an autograph in every box?

Well, the truth is that being the ORIGINAL mystery box with a guaranteed autograph in EVERY box is not easy! 

But it’s the dream of Adam and the rest of the BAM! Team that people get real collectibles at an affordable price.

Once we were kids and were in awe of all the items out there that had real creators (actors, actresses, directors, artists, etc…) attached to them through the special imprint of one’s real signature. 

Except that we were stuck. Because who could afford those?

So many memories…

The truth is, there’s something special about the movies, books, comics, shows, and other things we love being singularly attached to those responsible for making them. 

The other truth is that it can be extremely costly to collect signed items, especially for younger people, kids, and those who have fallen on hard times. 

This is why we have fought hard to keep BAM! Boxes at the lowest price point we can (without going out of business that is!) while still delivering incredible value. 

Every month, no matter what, YOU will receive an autographed item– be it a FUNKO POP!, photograph, or replica film prop– along with all the other exclusive BAM! Collector’s items we can get into each box. 

It’s all fun! But the autograph is the cream of the crop…

And in order to get it, we have to do a lot of planning!

Celebrities, even those that aren’t A-listers, are busy people. They are often going from one project to another, touring events, or engaged with the press. 

OK KEANU, but just for you…

This means that we first have to find someone AVAILABLE to do a signing. 

(And believe me, that’s harder than you’d think)

Next, we have to HOPE that our scheduled signing isn’t re-scheduled or canceled because… well… people get callbacks, reshoots, extended shoots… you name it! 

All sorts of things come up, and, unfortunately, that often means that our signing date gets pushed back. 

Next, after the thousands of items have been signed, they now have to be re-packaged and sent back to BAM! This can take some time. 

FINALLY, we work to get it all together and sent out to you! 

That’s the best part, and the part that brings us great joy, being able to put this all together for YOU. 

So the next time your box might be a little late, just know we’re working hard to get to you the best box possible. 

The kind of box containing the stuff we have always loved and wanted to collect.

Which, of course, isn’t complete without the autograph


Speaking of which, we’ve got two great boxes lined up for this coming month, and they’re going fast! Be sure to grab yours now by clicking right HERE. 

P.S. If you’ve ever wondered why not every box has Robert Downey Jr., Ryan Reynolds or Gal Gadot as our exclusive autograph, just remember that our passion is to keep your monthly box affordable!

A-listers often command an exorbitant sum of money to do a signing, which alone could double or triple the prices of our boxes.

Not only that, they rarely are willing to sign more than a couple hundred items at a time (not the literally
thousands we ask for to get to you!). 

Therefore we are always looking to get up-and-coming talent or very specific, unique talents to do our signings, so that the value of your collectible will be affordable now but worth more as the years go by. 

If you have other questions or comments about your BAM! Box and how we do our autographs, let us know!

More Than a Box… The Stories of BAM! (Part 1)

We’re starting a new series here at BAM!.

Lately, we’ve been going back to basics and reaching deep by asking ourselves…

“What is this all about?”

“What makes BAM! different?”

“Why do we do this?”

And the truth is that, here at BAM!, we are fans. Pure and simple.

We’re fans that refused to let that die, all while making it possible to keep that passion alive for everyone we could.

The result has been amazing. Not only have we been able to keep growing despite all odds, we’ve found that the BAM! community is one of the best in the world!

It’s a community where people have found belonging, reignited passion, and even LOVE.

And THAT means the world to us.

So we decided to start sharing stories. YOUR stories.

Stories of success.

Stories of redemption.

Stories of love.

And stories of pure fandom.

We asked for your stories and the result has been ASTOUNDING.

Today we’re privileged to share the first one. This is from James B.*

“I have been with BAM! since the beginning.

I’m disabled and suffer from major depression and trauma disorders.

This box has brought a lot of joy into my life when it is difficult to find any. It was my honor to personal meet @Adam McArthur at Salt Lake Comic Con a few years ago.

I had been impressed by BAM! before meeting Adam. I talked to him about my story and my experience with BAM! Adam was completely interested and I had his full attention. His commitment for his customers and passion for BAM! was palpable.

After meeting Adam I was sold. I was all in and I have not regretted it. Every box I get I remember my personal exchange with Adam in Salt Lake and I feel his energy and genuine compassion.

I know I’ve gotten a box from a friend that truly cares.

There are days I want to just give up and surrender. It’s those days when I turn to the BAM! Community page.

This company is something I’m very passionate about and I have great love for BAM! The community gets me excited for my next box and gives me reason to keep fighting.

This community and BAM! Box has saved my life.

– James B

James, thank you for writing in. We are so blessed by your courage and willingness to share!

If you have a story to share, contact us. We’d love to hear it.

Together, WE are BAM!

And we won’t forget it.

*(All of these are shared with permission of the author. Last names have been withheld because some of these stories are very vulnerable. We will leave claiming the full story to the author themselves)

WE are BAM!

What is a BAM! Box? 

No really. What is it? 

Is it just a few collectibles? A fun autograph every month? 

Well, if that were true, why not just go to Ebay

There you can get what you want with a few clicks. No mystery, no surprise. Just what you want. 

So… what is it?

Here at BAM! we’ve been discussing this very thing. The truth is, we don’t want to just be another box. 

We don’t want to just be a “box”, period. 

We want to be a community. 

When it comes down to it, BAM!, is YOU

The BAM! Community. The people who don’t just buy our boxes, but are a part of what we do. 

As much as we love collectibles and pop culture here at headquarters…

We love mixing it up with you so much more. 

Here, we’re fans, just like you. 

Fans love sharing the experience more than anything else. 

Which is how BAM! was born. Shared experiences. Hours of conversations over stories, movies, shows, and music. Constant speculation about what will come next. 

And, of course, collecting the things that memorialize our favorite parts of all those experiences. 

We believe that the best part of the BAM! Box is the shared experience. The conversations that take place over the boxes. The memories we get to relive when we get pieces or autographs from our favorite franchises and characters. 

It’s why we aim to keep the price as low as we can while still being valuable. We WANT as many people to be included as possible. 

The more people smiling, laughing, talking about, reliving their favorite memories, speculating about what’s coming, and yes, even complaining about what they’re disappointed in… 

The more all those things happen, the more we know that we’ve done something to let fans keep being fans. To drive that passion a little further, a little deeper

Because being a fan is all about being a part of something, isn’t it?

And we don’t want that to end. Not for us. Not for you. 

Which is why we’re growing, it’s why there’s no end in sight. 

BAM! isn’t going anywhere. 

Because YOU are BAM!. WE are BAM!. \

And that’s why we love what we do.

  • The Team @ BAM!

P.S. If you haven’t yet, be sure to join the amazing Official BAM! Community Page on FB. Just click this link HERE