Breaking down the MORBIUS Trailer

by Felix Lopez

I was going to write my first blog about the Academy Awards as the nominations were just announced… 

but then the Morbius trailer dropped. 

(Oh and, not only that, MICHAEL KEATON). 

Morbius first crossed my path in the early 90s. My brother, Jimmy, was an avid fan. At one point it was Morbius this and Morbius that all summer long. Meanwhile, I was into Batman (Joker), X-Men, Spiderman and getting into Spawn. 

Fast-forward 25 years (I’m really dating myself here). I get a text from my brother Jim saying, “They’re making a Morbius movie!” 

Me being up to date on movie news, and being a jerk to my brother (hey brotherly love) says. “Yeah, I’ve known for about a year…”

Morbius has served as a sometimes villain, sometimes unlikely ally of Spider-Man over the years

For those who don’t know who Morbius is (can’t blame you for that!), in comics Dr. Michael Morbius first appeared in The Amazing Spiderman #101 in October 1971. Morbius the Living Vampire was created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane. He was Marvel’s answer to the Dracula craze at that time. 

Morbius started off as one of Spiderman’s horror-based villains. Much like Venom, he went on to become a dark, gritty and flawed antihero. He appeared in his own series and had cameos in other titles. The inner struggle of Morbius is that he needs to feed on blood while not wanting to hurt innocent people. 

For example, early on Morbius throws himself into the ocean, hoping to die. He is rescued and reluctantly does what he must, feeding uncontrollably. Feeling the incredible guilt, he decides to only drink ‘bad guys’ blood (I mean he’s gotta eat… right?). This compromise allows him to feed while also fighting evil: two birds with one stone.

Now, let’s talk about that movie trailer. The trailer starts with Dr. Michael Morbius as a child moving into adulthood while suffering from some unknown rare blood disease. We see some of his struggles and triumphs, (I.E. winning a Nobel Prize in Physiology Medicine). He experiments using himself as a human guinea pig trying to find a cure. 

Cue the unknown location, blood, and bats!

How is Morbius going to connect to other Marvel movies?

After we see an experiment, Dr. Morbius experiences increased strength, speed and the ability to use echolocation (ability to locate objects with the use of reflected sound). But with his increased abilities, his need to consume blood intensifies. 

The trailer also introduces Matt Smith and Tyrese Gibson (Gibson has a multiple film contract with Sony, so we’ll be seeing more of him). When the carnage (no not Woody Harrelson) starts, there’s a scene that reminds me of the Nightcrawler sequence in X2, which is great. 

Finally, we get… the… money shot…! 

Jared Leto in full on Morbius the Living Vampire mode (which looks awesome!) 

But that’s not all, in the after title card scene… “what’s up Doc”? 

Michael Fricken Keaton as his Spiderman: Homecoming character Adrian Toomes AKA the Vulture! And this isn’t the first reference we get from the new Spidey films. In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot, while Dr. Morbius is escaping from prison, on the wall we see that our favorite web-slinger is branded a “murderer”. 

Ties to the after credit scene from Spiderman: Far From Home!

Can someone say… NOT SUBTLE?

Whether or not Morbius is linked to the MCU or just to the Sony Spider-Verse, remains to be seen. Will Sony go the Agents of Shield route, (is what happens in the MCU relevant to the Sony Spider-Verse, but not vice versa)? Or are we really talking about different timelines or universes? 

Could Morbius really be in the MCU?  Or, is it all just a huge misdirect? 

Whatever the case, I can’t wait to find out, because the Morbius trailer looks sick! 

I love this line, “How far are we allowed to go, to fix something that’s broken?”

 “Until the remedy is worse than the disease”. 

Will Morbius be a hit for Sony? Will we see Tom Holland’s Spidey? How does Morbius coexist with the MCU? What do YOU think? 

I know I can’t wait to catch Morbius, starring Jared Leto, on July 31st, 2020.

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  1. Great first article look forward to many more.

    Agree with everything you said, except I was never really into Morbius and saw the character as outdated and a little lame when I started getting pulled to comics.

    I thought the same exact thing about iron man, thor, and Hawkeye, though. And oh, how marvel has changed my mind on them.

    I love Jared Leto and hope he gets better fan feedback on this one then he did with his previous comic book outing (which I absolutely loved, btw)

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