More Than a Box… The Stories of BAM! (Part 1)

We’re starting a new series here at BAM!.

Lately, we’ve been going back to basics and reaching deep by asking ourselves…

“What is this all about?”

“What makes BAM! different?”

“Why do we do this?”

And the truth is that, here at BAM!, we are fans. Pure and simple.

We’re fans that refused to let that die, all while making it possible to keep that passion alive for everyone we could.

The result has been amazing. Not only have we been able to keep growing despite all odds, we’ve found that the BAM! community is one of the best in the world!

It’s a community where people have found belonging, reignited passion, and even LOVE.

And THAT means the world to us.

So we decided to start sharing stories. YOUR stories.

Stories of success.

Stories of redemption.

Stories of love.

And stories of pure fandom.

We asked for your stories and the result has been ASTOUNDING.

Today we’re privileged to share the first one. This is from James B.*

“I have been with BAM! since the beginning.

I’m disabled and suffer from major depression and trauma disorders.

This box has brought a lot of joy into my life when it is difficult to find any. It was my honor to personal meet @Adam McArthur at Salt Lake Comic Con a few years ago.

I had been impressed by BAM! before meeting Adam. I talked to him about my story and my experience with BAM! Adam was completely interested and I had his full attention. His commitment for his customers and passion for BAM! was palpable.

After meeting Adam I was sold. I was all in and I have not regretted it. Every box I get I remember my personal exchange with Adam in Salt Lake and I feel his energy and genuine compassion.

I know I’ve gotten a box from a friend that truly cares.

There are days I want to just give up and surrender. It’s those days when I turn to the BAM! Community page.

This company is something I’m very passionate about and I have great love for BAM! The community gets me excited for my next box and gives me reason to keep fighting.

This community and BAM! Box has saved my life.

– James B

James, thank you for writing in. We are so blessed by your courage and willingness to share!

If you have a story to share, contact us. We’d love to hear it.

Together, WE are BAM!

And we won’t forget it.

*(All of these are shared with permission of the author. Last names have been withheld because some of these stories are very vulnerable. We will leave claiming the full story to the author themselves)

WE are BAM!

What is a BAM! Box? 

No really. What is it? 

Is it just a few collectibles? A fun autograph every month? 

Well, if that were true, why not just go to Ebay

There you can get what you want with a few clicks. No mystery, no surprise. Just what you want. 

So… what is it?

Here at BAM! we’ve been discussing this very thing. The truth is, we don’t want to just be another box. 

We don’t want to just be a “box”, period. 

We want to be a community. 

When it comes down to it, BAM!, is YOU

The BAM! Community. The people who don’t just buy our boxes, but are a part of what we do. 

As much as we love collectibles and pop culture here at headquarters…

We love mixing it up with you so much more. 

Here, we’re fans, just like you. 

Fans love sharing the experience more than anything else. 

Which is how BAM! was born. Shared experiences. Hours of conversations over stories, movies, shows, and music. Constant speculation about what will come next. 

And, of course, collecting the things that memorialize our favorite parts of all those experiences. 

We believe that the best part of the BAM! Box is the shared experience. The conversations that take place over the boxes. The memories we get to relive when we get pieces or autographs from our favorite franchises and characters. 

It’s why we aim to keep the price as low as we can while still being valuable. We WANT as many people to be included as possible. 

The more people smiling, laughing, talking about, reliving their favorite memories, speculating about what’s coming, and yes, even complaining about what they’re disappointed in… 

The more all those things happen, the more we know that we’ve done something to let fans keep being fans. To drive that passion a little further, a little deeper

Because being a fan is all about being a part of something, isn’t it?

And we don’t want that to end. Not for us. Not for you. 

Which is why we’re growing, it’s why there’s no end in sight. 

BAM! isn’t going anywhere. 

Because YOU are BAM!. WE are BAM!. \

And that’s why we love what we do.

  • The Team @ BAM!

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